The fashion industry is a complex field with a range of audiences, from consumers to partners to the press. When expanding internationally, it’s important to convey your brand’s voice in a way that resonates with each type of audience in their own language. This is why fashion translation requires accuracy, but also creativity and a deep understanding of the industry.

Our skilled fashion translators possess both the technical knowledge to translate product descriptions as well as the talent to create engaging multilingual fashion articles. Unlike traditional agencies, our tools make it possible to order translation online 24/7 in the format that suits your business.



The Music Industry has long been a global business. Our services are geared towards traditional business models centered around record labels and musical instruments as well as new, disruptive business models, such as streaming and direct-to-fan platforms.

We understand the complexity of the Music ecosystem in that there is music production, music distribution, music consumption, data analytics and many other facets that necessitate linguist experts.
Since Music is an experience that is increasingly provided digitally, we believe that there is a tremendous opportunity for taking today’s digital business models to the Metaverse while leveraging multilingual communications to strengthen relationships with your customers.


Lifestyle brands

The global, ever-changing fashion and lifestyle industry is constantly evolving. Therefore, we deliver translations completed by professionals who have in-depth knowledge of how this fast-paced sector works – its technical terminology, trends and latest developments.

Why would you limit yourself to your home country? Your visual promotional materials – such as online clothing catalogues and printed brochures – may be powerful, but if you would like to complement your visual designs, you need to speak the language of your clients.